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Online accounting doesn’t get simpler

We offer a complete online accounting solution for contractors and freelancers.

• All for one fixed monthly price of £69.50 (+VAT)

• With no hidden extra fees

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Personalised online accounting

for freelancers & contractors


My personal accountant

You’ll be assigned a dedicated accountant who will help guide you on running your Limited Company. They are always just one phone call away.

My online accounting app

Save more time by doing your accounting on the go, all you need is a PC / laptop / tablet or even a smartphone for 24/7 access to your business finances.


My Boox taken care of

Simply invoice your customers and claim your expenses while we do the rest. We’ll keep on top of your tax obligations and keep you updated on the health of your finances.

Why you should do your accounts online 

Spend more time with your loved ones and not with old fashioned accounting spreadsheets. By using our bespoke online accounting app you can run your own Limited Company from anywhere, at anytime, using your PC, tablet or mobile. Along with unlimited access to a dedicated accountant for help and guidance, our quick and efficient service provides you with more time focus on your clients while we do all the hard work.

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What our clients say

  • Case Study - Michael Thornberry

    In our latest interview, we caught up with independent physiotherapist Sherry Bingham to see what she thought about our contractor accounting service. Find out what Sherry had to say about life with Boox.

    How long have you been freelancing/contracting?

    Since 2010, so just about four years.

    -          What is your line of work?

    I’m a Physiotherapist.

    -          Who are your clients (which companies do you work for or what types of individuals)?

    Mostly it’s through agencies but I’m starting to do work in the private sector as well now.

    -          When did you start using Boox?

    I joined Boox around 18 months ago after a friend recommended I look at the service they offer.

    -         What do you particularly like about the Boox service?

    It’s just so easy to use. The software is really user-friendly, in particular the mobile apps that they have just released which I’m now using. It’s just so much better than using an Excel spreadsheet like I had to before.

    -          How does the Boox service compare to your previous accountant or software?

    It’s just so much easier as I can do it all myself.  The accounting team are also there if I run into any trouble.

    -          Do you find it easier to understand your financial position and if so in what way? 

    Yes and no. The only thing I would say no about is savings for tax, as I don’t know that until the end of the year it can be tricky working out how much I’m supposed to save throughout the year.

    -          Do you find you are more organised in terms of financial admin and if so in what ways?

    Yes. I know exactly where I’m at with everything now.

    -          Do you spend more or less time on financial admin with Boox?

    I do spend more time on my finances with Boox, but it’s much more efficient. Previously I didn’t have the ability to do my own admin and left it all to my previous supplier.  I’m much happier spending that small amount of extra time knowing my financial position.

    -          Please can you quantify how much time you spend on financial admin with Boox?  

    Currently I spend around 2 hours a week. One hour throughout the week creating and sending invoices, and adding expenses.  I  then another hour on the weekends just checking everything over.

    -          Have you saved money on accountancy bills by using Boox?


    -          Has using Boox enabled you to earn more money (if so in what way/how much?)

    I don’t know with that one. I’m paying the same amount of tax but i’m paying less with regards to accountancy fees, so possibly.

    -          How easy/quick was it to get started with Boox?

    It was incredibly easy. They talked me through the whole set up process, and then I’ve had one to one walkthroughs on how to use the app.

    -          How do you find the service/your accountant?

    Awesome. Every time I need a little help my accountant gets back to me straight away and explains everything in a way I can understand.

    -          Have you ever recommended Boox to others?

    Many times, without hesitation.  The service is so easy to use – it’s basically idiot proof.

    -          What do you enjoy most about contracting/freelancing?

    Being frank, it’s the money! But seriously, I like the flexibility that comes with freelancing in terms of being able to choose which contracts I take. There’s nothing I don’t enjoy about it.

    -          What are the biggest challenges of having a limited company?

    I just don’t see it as a challenge. Now that I’ve got Boox, it’s so much easier. For me it’s just a part of day to day life, so it’s not a challenge at all!

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  • Case Study - Michael Thornberry

    At Boox, we pride ourselves on the quality of service that we provide for our clients. Accounting can be tricky for a freelancer and so it’s our aim to make the process as easy and hassle free as possible.

    Recently we caught up with one of our newest clients, Craig Kent, to see how he was finding life as a freelancer and what he’s made of the Boox service so far.

    Craig KentHow long have you been freelancing/contracting?

    About two weeks!

    What influenced your decision to look into freelancing/contracting as a career path?

    Basically, I’d spent five years working at Ladbrokes where I was very happy. We had lots of contractors there but never once did it cross my mind to come out of perm employment and try contracting myself.

    When I felt the need to move on, I spent quite a few months looking for the right role and a job came up earlier this year which looked great on paper, but I had some initial reservations. I took the position but my reservations turned out far worse than I was expecting, and I quickly realised that I’d need to do something else.

    My experience got me thinking that ‘I’ve worked for quite a lot of people over the last few years and none of them have really inspired me’. 

    That’s probably because I’ve got 20 plus years marketing experience. I had the sense that if the decisions were down to me and I didn’t have all this red tape to get through,  I could get things done and get better results than those I was working for.

    What really made my mind up in the end was I got an email from a recruitment agency, which said ‘why not try contracting?’ As a CRM specialist, getting your campaign right is all about hitting your customer at the right time, with the right content. The email resonated with everything I was feeling and so I chose to go and try contracting for myself.

    Making this change also means I don’t have to limit myself to just one specific area of Marketing. I want to give back my expertise with regards to CRM but I also want to evolve new skills going forward.

    Why did you choose Boox as your accountant?

    Having seen this email from the recruitment agency I met with them and they gave me a list of four umbrella companies – this was the route I was going to go down originally, and having spoken to them all, the one that really interested me was Liquid Friday.

    At that point they put me in touch with Boox because it looked to me at that time that going down the Limited Company route was going to be the better choice as opposed to an umbrella company.

    That wasn’t an instant decision because my sister-in-law works in an accountancy firm and they were going to do me a deal to go with them. What I found after researching it all was that Boox was the far better option. It basically offers the full accounting service with regards to what I need and they have simplified it. Whether in the long term it turns out to be the right choice, who knows, in the short term it definitely looks like it was the right choice.

    What do you particularly like about the Boox service?

    What I like is that they manage to get things set up in less than a week. That includes helping me get my limited company set up and my business bank account as well as doing all the admin for this. I was then put in touch with my accountant, Kiri, who so far has been absolutely excellent. I had loads of questions, and in the two weeks leading up to starting my new contract she has been unbelievably helpful. Whenever she has said she’s going to do something and get back to me she always has.

    Some of the questions haven’t been that straightforward and rather than try and blag her way through them, she has been very honest with me, giving me concrete answers where she can.

    So far, I am very impressed.

    Do you find you are more organised in terms of financial admin and if so in what ways?

    Not yet because I haven’t invoiced or had to do any expenses just yet but it looks like it should be a straightforward system.

    How easy/quick was it to get started with Boox?

    Very quick, the service has been exemplary so far.

    What do you enjoy most about contracting/freelancing?

    So far, because it’s my first role it doesn’t really feel like I’m self-employed. I’ve been taken on as a part of a company to do some consultancy. I’m sure over time that if I manage to extend this contract or get another shortly after it will be much better than working full time, but right now it doesn’t really feel much different.

    What do you enjoy the least?

     The thought that after October I may not have another job.

    What are the biggest challenges of having a limited company?

    The onus to make sure that I stay on top of my finances.

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  • Case Study - Michael Thornberry



    Industry Sector  CONSTRUCTION ( FINANCE)

    Date incorporated  9 FEBRUARY, 2012

    Time spent contracting  I became a contractor about a year ago.

    1 – What was the main decision for you becoming a contractor / freelancer?

    I became a contractor due to the prevailing adverse marketing conditions within my industry. Many manufacturing and construction organisations have seen a downward pressure on prices, leaving them to look for other opportunities around staffing costs. One of these has been to employ more contractors, as the employers have less responsibility to them than full-time employees.

    2 – What (if any) reservations did you have?

    There has definitely been a trend of increased ‘projectisation’ of work in recent years, so maintaining continuity of employment was, and is, a key priority for me. I feel there is less job security in freelancing, and I know I’m not alone, with half of those surveyed in The Boox Report (48%) in the same mind. I also knew that I would need a reliable accountant due to the complexity of my tax affairs, which is when I turned to Boox.

    3 – What sources did you use to research your first step into contracting?

    I sought the advice of colleagues, who personally recommended making the transition from employment on a PAYE basis to freelancing. Many of them have had such success, in fact, that they will probably continue to freelance next year.

    4 – What do you see at the main benefits of running your own company?

    I am particularly happy with the flexibility I now have, and also my improved tax position. A greater value is placed on my professional services too. Generally, self-employed professionals earn nearly twice the national average salary – £50,820 compared to £26,093.

    5 – Are there any difficulties you continue to face in your business?

    As I mentioned, maintaining continuity of employment in this industry is a real difficulty. The freelance sector provides very clear evidence of the old adage that the more you put in, the more you get out, so there is also the issue of striking a healthy work-life balance.

    6 - What did you look for when selecting an accounting provider?

    I was fortunate enough to have Boox recommended to me by Mace Group, another construction consultancy, who pointed to the first-class service Boox provides. In an ever-evolving industry, it provides a quick and dependable way to manage my accounts. I looked for one that combined the traditional with the modern – I wanted complete access to my books, but also to have a qualified professional on-hand to advise me with all things related to my accounting administration, so I don’t have the hassle of contending against an automated system.

    7 – What learnings would you share with others contemplating setting up a limited company?

    The primary advice that I would give is to obtain the services of a reputable, efficient and totally reliable accounting company to help you manage your administration. One in four freelancers doesn’t actually know what tax rate they’re paying, and about the same amount have paid too much tax in the past. The time saved on accounting admin has actually allowed me to focus on my consultancy, also to spend more time doing what I want to do.