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Best practices for working from home as a freelancer

Working from home can be absolutely great and one of the best things about being a freelancer. You more or less get to choose when you work, there isn’t a great commute from the bedroom to the office (although you can’t pretend you were stuck in traffic if you are late for any telephone conferences) and if you have children who need dropping off and picking up from school at certain times, working on your own time is a massive help.

How to reject a contract offer

At some point in your career, it’s likely that you’ll be faced with the decision to turn down a project. Whether the salary isn’t quite right or you just don’t have time to carry out the task on top of your current workload, rejecting an offer is just another part of being an independent professional.

Why would you turn down a contract offer

Sometimes there will be occasions when it’s in your best interests to turn down a contract or new work opportunity. Just like there are numerous factors to consider when taking a contract, there are plenty of things to think about when turning one down as well.

Removal of IR35 would cost £550m a year, says govt

The government has recently revealed that the abolition of IR35 would cost the Exchequer a staggering £550 million a year, as reported by IT Contracting. It is understood that the figure has been published in response to the House of Lords Select Committee’s report on personal service companies operating the UK.

New IR35 guidance to be released by HMRC

New guidance regarding IR35 legislation is set to be released by HM Revenue and Customs, according to Accountancy Live. The release will include information regarding the costs taxpayers will incur when adhering to the legislation, as well as a more general guide to IR35.

Limited company contractors are working longer hours

Limited company contractors are working longer hours in order to get ahead of competition. This new information was revealed as a part of a new survey, carried out by j2 Global Inc brand eFax, which found that 73 per cent of respondents were now working longer hours than they had in the previous year in order to succeed.

Contractor reaction to the Queen’s Speech

PCG, the association for independent workers, has reacted to yesterday’s Queen’s Speech (June 4th) and its wider implications.  It comes after the organisation spoke out earlier in the week, before the speech took place, to say that as fast-rising numbers are opting to be self-employed, the address was a great chance to announce measures that would help the sector.