Research shows that freelancers are the happiest workers

We all know that stepping into the world of freelancing comes with so many benefits. From being as flexible as you like within the working day, to having more say in the actual jobs you do, it is of little surprise really that approximately 4.6 million of the UK’s workforce are self-employed - check out our infographic ‘A Timeline of UK Self-Employment’ for more information. Freelancers have even more reason to celebrate now as new research has shown that working for yourself can make you happier than ever. Continue reading

What do businesses look for when hiring a contractor?

While one of the benefits of working as a contractor is having more flexibility, especially when it comes to choosing jobs, it is important to be aware that businesses who are offering work are also in the same position. While focusing on your strong points when pitching to a business is indispensable, knowing what they look for in a contractor can help to better understand exactly how you should be pitching your work to them and hopefully win you even more desirable contracts. Continue reading

Crackdown on tax avoidance brings in 60 per cent more money

A crackdown on tax avoidance and evasion within the country’s top earners has resulted in a 60 per cent gain in tax received by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), according to a new report. The information attained by law firm Pinsent Masons, using data from HMRC, showed that the tax office's Affluent Unit which focuses on residents who earn over £150,000 per year, or over £1 million in wealth, produced an extra £137.2 million in tax in 2014. Continue reading

Majority of IT contractors are optimistic for the future

Following the typical lull at Christmas, it is encouraging to know that the majority of IT contractors do feel rather optimistic about what lies ahead for them this year. ContractorUK surveyed a number of its readers, who are themselves IT contractors, and found that rather than it subsiding, optimism about prospects within the industry are the same as they were this time last year. Continue reading