How to deal with late paying clients as a freelancer

As a contractor you may from time to time, come up against late-paying clients. If dealt with early, directly and diplomatically, late payments can usually be recovered quickly without recourse to formal measures or damage to your client relationships. The longer the problem goes on however, the more steps you will need to take. Listed here are some precautions you can take against late payment and the options open to you if the problem persists. Continue reading

IPSE welcomes government action on late payments

IPSE have announced its approval of the government’s plans to face the late payments issue and to make the procurement process more simple. Francis Maude, the cabinet office minister, stated yesterday (February 25th) that the government was looking to offer small businesses a helping hand by protecting them from tedious payment delays by implementing EU rules on the procurement process. Continue reading

How to unwind as a freelancer

There’s no denying it, freelancing is a great path to go down. Being your own boss and having the opportunity to be flexible with your own time is simply great. However, as with any type of work there are times when it can become a bit stressful, sometimes it can be hard to switch off, although it is really important to do so. With this in mind, here are a few of our top tips to help you unwind. Continue reading