4 ways to find your focus

Focus. Concentration. Application. Single mindedness. Self-discipline. Whatever we call it, we don’t get things done without the capacity to apply ourselves to the tasks in hand. The problem is we live in the age of the constant distraction. Social media, 24-hour news, email and phones calls, to name just a few, are all competing with each other to erode the time we spend being productive. And there’s evidence to suggest our concentration spans are diminishing because of it. Continue reading

Tips for overcoming start-up fear

Starting your own business is understandably daunting. Even if it’s a solo version of the job you’ve been doing for years, or in an industry you know like the back of your hand, it’s still a scary prospect taking those first few steps towards a life of self-employed freedom. If you’re starting to get start-up fear, here are some tips to help you overcome it and get your business up and running. Continue reading

UK Small Business Commissioner ‘could tackle late payment issues’

The establishment of a Small Business Commissioner in the UK could help self-employed workers and micro businesses tackle the persistent problem of late payments, an expert roundtable has concluded. A discussion of the proposals for a Small Business Commissioner has been held by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE), during which it was suggested that this move could lead to a culture change among businesses that habitually mistreat smaller companies and independent traders. Continue reading

Tips for balancing clients with your home life

It's well understood that life as a freelancer can be uniquely fulfilling, but there are also considerable challenges involved in getting your work-life balance to work in a way that keeps you both happy and productive. Being your own boss can be a dream come true in many respects, but the ability to set your own schedule and control your workflows also means you need to be responsible for making sure your working life and home life don't infringe upon each other. Without proper balance, you could end an exhausted workaholic with no time for personal pursuits, or conversely develop a reputation for being flakey and unprofessional if you let your home life dominate. Continue reading