How to set up a Contractor Limited Company

Contractor Limited Company Set up

For almost every contractor we work with at Boox, the Limited Company option is the best possible business structure. This is because it offers the most opportunities to maximise your take home pay.

There are, of course, legal obligations, but as yours is likely to be a small business, they’re unlikely to be too complicated.

At Boox, we’ll help you handle all your accounting, tax and Companies House responsibilities – and make sure you see as much of the money you earn as possible.

Limited Company for contractors

If you’re a contractor, your Limited Company provides the framework for your financial success. As its owner, shareholder and director, you have the flexibility to enjoy tax advantages, claim for a wide range of business expenses and get the best terms for pensions, childcare vouchers and other salary sacrifice benefits.

How to set up a Limited Company as a contractor

As a Boox customer, you have two options when it comes to setting up your Limited Company:

Let us do it

Just tell us what you want to call your company and we’ll do the rest. It’s free when you choose our accounting service and we’ll have you up and running in just a few days.

Do it yourself

Again, start by choosing your name, then complete and return the necessary documentation to Companies House. Here’s what you’ll have to send:

  • Form IN01 – information about your business
  • Memorandum of Association – information about your shareholders
  •  Articles of Association – information about how you’ll manage the company
  • £15 – by online debit or credit card payment or PayPal

Once Companies House has checked all these and received your payment, you’ll receive your Certificate of Incorporation.