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Limited Company Formations

If you’re simply looking to incorporate a new business, try our simple and easy way to set up a limited company.




Use our tool below to search for your ideal company name and buy online if it’s available.

Setting up a Limited Company

See if the company name you want is available using our tool below.

How it works


Step 1

Use our search tool to see whether your company name is available.

Step 2

If you want to incorporate the business, complete our form and pay £36 (it’s free if you sign up to our contractor accountant service)



Step 3

After completing the transaction, we ensure there are no issues with your choice of business name and incorporate your business with Companies House.

Step 4

Once the business is set up, we provide you with the incorporation certificate by email and post for your records.


Limited Company Formation FAQs


What is a Limited Company?


A Limited Company is a legal entity and as a director, you are fully responsible for the operation and the obligations required for all Limited Companies in the UK.


What information do I need to supply?


You’ll need to provide us with your full name, Address, Date of Birth, Nationality and your National Insurance Number.


What can I call my Limited Company?


Pretty much anything within reason. There are a number of words which are not allowed (e.g. Royal), and it must not be deemed as offensive. It can also not be similar to an existing Limited Company. If you are a contractor, we advise calling it something associated with the industry you work in.


What is Companies House?


Companies House is the legal Registrar of all UK Limited Companies. When you register your company, Companies House will allocate you a Company Number. As a Limited Company Director, you are obliged to keep Companies House up to date each year with annual returns and accounts filing.


What are my obligations when I set up a Limited Company?


Your business will have legal obligations to both Companies House and HMRC. You will need to file an annual return to Companies House, in addition to supplying your accounts, which are then available for public inspection. Your obligations to HMRC include Corporation Tax and quarterly VAT returns.


How long does it take to set up my Limited Company?


It usually takes around 4 hours to incorporate a business, but this is dependent on what time of day you complete the process. Companies House are open for incorporations between 9am and 5pm weekdays.