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The Boox Report

The Boox Report 2014 is the second edition of a publication produced with the aim of providing a platform to better represent the contribution that freelancers, contractors and the self-employed make to the UK economy.

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Is Tax Taxing?

With the freelance workforce growing throughout 2013, we see gauge how knowledgeable UK contractors are compared to permanent employees when it comes to tax knowledge.

Financial Management

We take a look at the efficiencies of tax planning by freelancers in order to meet their annual tax obligations, and see how accurate this part of the workforce are in terms of their bookkeeping.

Business Accounts

Find out whether freelancers use separate bank accounts for personal and work purposes, and whether they remain ‘separate’ and the level of borrowing from business accounts.

See what we discovered in 2012

The first edition of the Boox Report was released in November 2012 with the UK economy still in recession. However the findings of the report showed significant gains for the freelance workforce at that time. Topics covered by the report included.

  • Contractor impact on the UK economy
  • Industry specific breakdowns
  • Work / Life Balance of UK contractors
  • Reasons for choosing this career path
  • Finance / Bookkeeping knowledge and preferences