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Accountants for Contractors & Freelancers

As specialist contractor accountants, our online services are specifically tailored to your needs as a self-employed freelancer. We set you up with your own Limited Company, and take away the fear and complexity of dealing with your business finances.

New to Contracting


If you’re looking to make the move into contracting, by operating through a Limited Company you put yourself in control of your business and give you the best opportunity to plan your finances.

With our easy to use accounting app, combined with the guidance of a personal accountant, we set you up with your own Limited Company and provide you with guidance on how to remain the most tax efficient.

Changing Accountants

The process to switch to Boox is as simple and stress free as if you were setting up for the first time. If you’re already incorporated and want to change accountants, contact us today to find out how we can help.

There’s no impact on your back pocket as we don’t charge you to switch to us. You can be fully set up and working with Boox in four easy steps.


Step 1

Get started with Boox – just complete our online form

Step 2

We’ll then get in touch with your existing accountant to start the handover

Step 3

You continue your day to day work and start using our accounting service

Step 4

We’ll obtain your previous financial information and insert it into our portal

Switching from Umbrella


Have you outgrown your umbrella company? If you’re happy with the additional responsibility, going the Limited Company route puts you in control and can help you become more tax efficient.

We can help set up your Limited Company and help you sort a business bank account. Simply use our online portal to invoice your client or agency and claim your business expenses, and we do the rest for you.