Why Set Up a Limited Company with Boox?

Why Set Up a Limited Company with Boox?

With over 10 years experience in helping self employed and Limited Company contractors to minimise their taxes and make the most of their income, you can rest assured that at Boox we have the knowledge  to assess your personal circumstances and help you manage your income in the most tax efficient manner.

At Boox we can help you set up your business in record time, with Limited Company formations averaging 4 to 6 hours. We can even include a Limited Company bank account to get you up and running quickly. From bank reconciliations to changing your address at HMRC, our team of reliable experts will guide and assist you every step of the way. We offer you an exceptional package that guarantees fast and seamless launch of your company.

Sign up with Boox now and we’ll give you a free business bank account with Natwest or HSBC and your own dedicated Boox Accountant will handle all your accounting and tax calculations and paperwork for you. Our specialist online application also allows you to submit your invoices, claim back business expenses and register for VAT. Boox is a registered Tax Agent with HMRC and all your returns are filed with HMRC securely and electronically.

To help you ensure transparency over your accounting and control of your business, company health checks are done every 3 months. This is to help you ensure that you have the correct amount of taxes provisioned for in the business bank account to meet future tax payment obligations. It’s also a perfect opportunity for you and your Boox Accountant to iron out any foreseeable problems that may arise with your Limited Company in the coming months.

Handling accounts and finances is not an easy task. When you set up a limited company with Boox, we’ll take that burden away from you, giving you more time to focus on your speciality to make more money!

Free Assessment:

Call our friendly Boox Team on free phone 0808 168 0422 or an email info@boox.co.uk

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