By Jonathan London on 16th October 2013

All new improvements to the Boox accounting application

Following our recent improvements to the invoicing side of our online accounting application, our developers have been hard at work continuing to improve other aspects of our portal to help make your life easier.  Here’s what they’ve come up with!

Please note that implementing this release will require a period of downtime for our accounting portal.  This will take place between 1am and 1pm on Saturday 19th October.

We’ve followed the same mantra as before when it comes to looking at improving the simplicity of the expenses side of the portal, with the following changes forming part of our next release.

There is a new, more comprehensive view for your expenses history to make this consistent with the changes we made to the invoice section of the app.

  • Pending and processed expenses are shown in the same place on your main expense list.
  • You can easily edit, delete, clone or create a re-occurrence of an expense.
  • You can mark expenses as favourites to identify and list specific entries.

We’ve enhanced the Expense Entry form, to collect more information about each claim.

  • You now have the ability to mark whether your expenses were paid for using your personal funds or your business account.  This makes it easier to reconcile your business bank account.
  • VAT rate on expenses is automatically calculated according to the expense type, but can be over-ridden.

You’ll notice that we’ve also re-jigged the Expenses Navigation.  The first new link relates to Imported Expenses – for those of you who use our integration with to use your mobile to capture expense receipts.

The second is a list of Recurring Expenses.  You can now automatically schedule expense claims according to your requirements, whether it’s daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or annually.

Ongoing development

We received a lot feedback from our last release (thanks to all who contributed), and as a result, we’ve made the following additional enhancements:

  1. Moved and minimised the in app ‘Feedback’ button.  This now appears as a small icon which expands on click in the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Made the ‘Save’ and ‘Edit’ functions of the invoicing section clearer.
  3. Simplified the ‘Save’ and ‘Authorise’ functions.
  4. Provided clear information on when the next accounting and payroll processing runs will take place.
  5. Added authorisation date / time to the invoice statuses.

Bank Reconciliation

Back in February, we released a bank reconciliation feature which allowed certain users to match their business bank account transactions with accounting entries to ensure there were no gaps or discrepancies.  This feature allows our application to automatically pull a feed from your business banks account on a daily basis.

This is free functionality we offer as part of our whole service (unlike some of our competitors), and we are delighted to roll this function out to all clients who use the following banks:

  • Natwest
  • HSBC
  • Barclays
  • Cater Allen

Don’t worry if you don’t bank with any of these providers – we’re working on it and hope to announce a series of other banking partners soon.

Other updates to mention

  • Your accounting year end is now shown at all times in the application header.
  • We’ve provided you with the ability to save and immediately create a new item in many of the main sections of the application.
  • You can choose which week in the fortnight the processing run takes place on.

Got anything you’d like to see improved on our accounting app?  If so, please complete the feedback form, or email us on

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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