By Jonathan London on 30th April 2014

Boox 3.0 – a new look for your online accounting app

Following the list of developments we’ve made to your online accounting app these last few months (how you raise invoices, claim contractor expenses, and rolling out our banking functionality), we’re about to release the biggest change to date.

What’s being changed?

To put it simply – everything in terms of how the app looks and renders on your PC or tablet!  This is evident from when you first login in to the portal and throughout your journey when creating a new invoice, claiming your expenses or confirming your pay and RTI submissions.

Your online accounting app

Depending on whether you use a PC or tablet to administer your company, we’ve made full use of the available screen sizes in this release, which provides the groundwork for us to continue working on providing a fully responsive design in the near future so that the app can adapt its layout to work best with the device you are using.  For those of you who like to use your mobile to administer your Limited Company, we suggest you use our MyBoox mobile app.

The app navigation has been improved to fit modern web trends, with menus and sub menus making it much easier to reach the section of the app you’re looking for.  We’ve also improved the layouts of each section of the app, and added in new interactive charts to provide additional insight into your invoicing, sales by customer, expense claims and tax obligations.

Choose your online accounting app theme

A nice bonus for you is the ability to change the look of your app to a colour theme of your choice from one of our new brand colours.  This can be selected via the new Setting menu towards the top right of the app, which is the new home for all of the information we hold about you and your business.

If you’re stuck – you can always check out the Knowledge Base, which has been updated to reflect the changes we’ve made. It has links to video tutorials, and step by step guides on how to make full use of your online accounting app.

Changes to functionality

Whilst we’ve focused mainly on the look and feel of the app, there have also been some tweaks to functionality.

Split Function ButtonThe main functional change is around the use of ‘split function’ buttons.  These are usually found in when you are in the lists of invoices, expenses or pay breakdowns and are signified with a downwards arrow next to a main action button.  The arrows provide you with an alternative option of how you would like to proceed with the next step.

Another change is associated with when you pay yourself, and how you make your RTI submissions.

You will now be asked to confirm the specific date of when you will withdraw the money and pay yourself from your business account.

We’ve also added in a new daily deadline of 2pm for when you should withdraw funds of your business account in order to allow us to confirm your RTI details to HMRC.  An alert will appear if this deadline has passed. It is important to ensure you remain fully compliant with RTI and follow this process correctly, otherwise you could risk penalties from HMRC.

When will the changes be made?

We’re updating the app just after the bank holiday next week, so the app will be offline for a period early on Tuesday morning. We are pushing through the upgrade before your working day starts, so when you come to use the portal from Tuesday morning onwards – you’ll be able to accustom yourself to Boox 3.0.

How to provide us with your feedback

Got something you’d like to see added to your online accounting app or our service in general?  You can easily provide us with your views and opinions using the ‘Feedback tab’ fixed to the left of your screen.  It now also features a slider to give us an immediate picture of what you think of the app – so let us know!

Become a Boox Beta Tester

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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