By Jonathan London on 11th February 2015

Your Boox App is going all ‘responsive’

Responsive design is one of those buzz words which floats around the ether, and unless you’re a designer or a tech whizz, it’s likely to have no real meaning when it comes to helping you run your business finances.

What is important though is how an accounting app or website renders on the device you are using at any point in time (think your phone, tablet or laptop), and how it adapts to the multitude of screen sizes which are now available – this in essence is all down to Responsive Design, and is the main focus for our latest release of the Boox Accounting App.

An increasing number of our clients are using mobile devices, so it’s important that we are as flexible as possible in providing both the best service and the best user experience to all. Therefore, from next Tuesday (17th February 2015) our online app will become fully responsive for the first time.

To deliver these changes  the app will be temporarily unavailable between 4am and 8am on Tuesday 17th February

If you’re wondering what this all means, check out this video below and see how the app visually changes when you reduce the size of the window you’re viewing it in.

So from next Tuesday, you’ll be able to use the full functionality of your accounting app on a pc, laptop, mobile or tablet, with each of the functions displayed in the optimum visual setting for whatever device you are using.

Becoming a responsive guru

When making design changes we face the trepidation of meddling with clients’ normal use of the app, so we have to take careful consideration not to upset the apple cart too much.

With some elements of the visual design being ‘squashed’ down so it appears in a nice logical order, here’s a quick overview of some of the things you’ll need to watch out for, particularly when using the app on smaller screens.

  • Layouts & Screen Widths

Your screen is essentially being split into three different sizes. As you can see from the video above, there are three width ‘break points’ at which point the screen folds down, with a layout applied to a PC/laptop, Tablet and Mobile.

  •  Burgers

We relish(!) modern design trends and have gone for a burger to house the navigation on smaller screens. So it doesn’t matter whether your preference is a Big Mac or Whopper, simply click the burger and select where you want to go in the app from the navigation menu. We’ve also looked to simplify the navigation for the smaller screen sizes.

Upload an image of your expenses using your mobileThe juicy nugget

One additional piece of functionality we’ve snuck into the release will see those of you who drown in paper receipts leap for joy!

When the release goes live, all clients will have the ability to upload or attach images to accompany business expense claims. This means you’ll have the comfort of knowing that we will be providing you with a storage facility for your receipts which you can call on if and when required.

The best part of this is when you claim for an expense via your phone. Simply follow the usual process when it comes to claiming an expense, and then before you submit it, click the relevant link and take a photo of your receipt using the camera on your phone (assuming you have one!). If you don’t use your phone, simply scan in your receipts and add them as a Word Document or PDF.

Responsive Design vs Native Apps

With this release focused largely on making our web based app easier to use across different devices, including mobiles, you may ask what the future holds for our native app, MyBoox.

We’re all about choice and flexibility so we appreciate that many will want the speed and simplicity that comes with a native app dedicated to just the most common tasks, while others will appreciate the ability to access all functionality and the latest updates via the online app. We are therefore very much continuing to support the use of MyBoox across iOS and Android devices and are currently planning further updates to include some of the key new functions such as photo receipt capture and updated pay breakdowns.

We’d love to know what you think about the new release. Remember you can leave us feedback at any point by clicking the ‘Feedback’ tab within the app (bottom left of your screen).

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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