By Jonathan London on 3rd February 2017

Boox accounting App Updates – Release 4.3

As always, we’ve been working hard to continually improve the options available to you within our Boox accounting app, so we’re very pleased to be able to give you a sneak peek at these upcoming enhancements which are scheduled for release on the 14th February 2017. 

Invoice customisation

We now have five beautiful invoice templates for you to choose from when creating an invoice:


You can also preview exactly what the invoice will look like before you send it, and if any of your recharged expenses have receipt images attached to them, then you can choose to include these images in the email that is sent to your client.


There is now an extended set of options that can be configured to control the structure and content of the invoice, including the ability to:

  • Display a BIC for the bank account payment details
  • Display an IBAN for the bank account payment details
  • Remove the PO Number field
  • Display the VAT amount on individual line items
  • Customise the footer at a customer and invoice level

These options can be configured globally (to apply to all invoices) under Invoices > Invoice Settings or they can be set on an individual customer basis under Invoices > Customers > Open (/New) Customer > Invoice Settings > Use global invoice settings > No

Recharged expenses

When adding expenses to an invoice that you will be recharging to your customer (those that your customer has agreed to reimburse you for, such as mileage), there are two options:

1. Select a previously created expense record that has been marked as being recharged to this customer. This is the default option and is easily done by ticking the required expenses in the list and then pressing the ‘Save button’:


2. Add a new expense by choosing the ‘New Expense’ button:


Complete the expense details as you would if adding the expense under the Expenses menu.

If you have the ‘Create expense record’ option ticked then on Submit the recharged expense details will be added to the invoice and on saving the invoice, an expense record will be created in the Expenses menu, which will then be processed in the next pay breakdown as normal.

If you do not select the option to ‘Create expense record’ then the recharged expense will simply be added to the invoice total but no actual expense record will be created. You may do this when you are receiving payment from the customer for something that your company cannot claim relief for as an expense (for example, where mileage is being paid at a higher rate than the company can claim for). In this case, a simplified set of fields will be offered as some options are only relevant to claimable expenses.

Bulk actions

We have now added another Boox accounting App update to make it much easier to perform an action on a large number of items in one go. For example, if you want to authorise several draft invoices at the same time, or download all of your dividend vouchers.

In pages where there are a number of items that you can perform actions on, you will see an ‘Actions button‘ that is enabled in conjunction with the multi-select checkboxes next to the items in the table.

The actions that can be performed will vary depending on the items being selected, but the app will indicate how many of those items will be affected.


Individual expense reimbursement

You are currently advised to reimburse yourself for expenses that have been paid for personally, through the pay breakdowns. However, where your company has additional employees or directors then the pay breakdown will now advise that the reimbursement will be split between the individuals that paid for different expenses, based on your selection of the claimant when adding the expense:


On-boarding progress widget

Our new clients can now keep track of the progress of their account setup through a new widget on the home dashboard page. For any items that are not yet complete then click on the button in the list for instructions on what to do next.


Got an idea to enhance the Boox app?

We really value your feedback and ideas to enhance the Boox App and we would love to hear what you think of the new Boox App updates. Feel free to get in touch with our development team at

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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