By Jonathan London on 28th March 2013

Exciting New Developments from Boox

We’re excited to announce a series of improvements which will be rolled out across our contractor accounting application within the next two weeks.

The main enhancements revolve around the invoicing section of the application. These additions will help make your life even easier when using our system to manage your business accounts.

1 – Invoice Favourites & Invoice Cloning

Do you have regular invoices that don’t change each week or month?  Our first new feature allows you to tag your invoices by making them a ‘Favourite’.   You can also choose to view your ‘Favourites’ only, allowing you to easily create your next invoice.

Invoice cloning will allow you to duplicate the detail on each invoice, and then apply this detail to a new customer, or period.  So, if you have a regular invoice to send to a client on a weekly or monthly basis, simply click the clone button and enter a new invoice number (also see Point 4!) and send directly to your client.

2 – Editing in app emails to clients

Previously, when emailing your invoices direct through the application, you haven’t been able to add or edit a message to your contact at the client.

You now have the ability to create a template message within the ‘Account Settings’ of the app.  You also will have the ability to edit the message should you wish to make more personal before emailing your invoice to the client.

You can also copy yourself in on the email to ensure you are certain the invoice has been sent.

3 – Add discount lines to invoices

Whether it is a gesture you wish to make to a client, or if there is an additional fee charged to you by your clients that you need to include on your invoice, previously you’ve needed to deduct the discount from the overall fee charged to the client.

Now you are able to add new lines to your invoices which allow you to specify the relevant discount amount.  Simply add a new discount line and your invoice will be re-calculated to include the discount fee from the total amount.

4 – Invoice Enhancements

Running a small business is never easy, particularly with the current economic climate where late payment of invoices can be an all too regular occurrence.  On occasions, this can then lead to cashflow problems for small business owners.

Thankfully our next development will hopefully help reduce the risk of this happening as we have provided you with the ability to add your payment terms to the top of each invoice you send your clients.

Also, to help speed up the invoicing process, you are now also able to set up automatic allocation of invoice numbers for your clients.  You will have the ability to set these up globally across all your clients, or by each customer you serve.

5 – Improved Invoice Processing

Got more than one invoice to send per week?  Our final and most improved development (we think anyway!) is that the application now has the ability to process multiple invoices in one week AND set your annual salary and dividend drawings.

So if you’re really looking to pay as little as possible in terms of tax on both salary and dividends, then we can work with you to set these values, and your future pay breakdowns will reflect the limits you set.

All of these developments are really simple to use and follow standard web practices to ensure simplicity and speed.  We will be generating a series of video tutorials and guides which show you how to use each of these new tools.  However if like me you like fiddling with new gadgets and functionality and you’re confident enough, feel free to test them out when they go live!

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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