Fee Protection Services

The Boox Fee Protection Services were last updated in August 2017.

Fee Protection Services

Terms of Service - Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service

The insurance is arranged through Taxwise Services Limited (Financial Services Register number 304970) and underwritten by Irwell Insurance Company Limited (Financial Services Register number 202897).

Boox, a trading division of The App Accountancy Group Limited, 2nd Floor, The Port House, Port Solent Marina, Portsmouth, PO6 4TH is the policyholder and is insured in respect of charges incurred for work undertaken in respect of this service. Where applicable this service extends to include your directors or partners (including their spouses/ civil partners), subject to the agreed external income limits.

This service is an annual service.  If you close your company or cease to use Boox for any reason, no refund will be payable.

Fees for the Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service should be paid direct to Taxwise. These fees include an administration charge receivable by Boox.

Your Summary of Service Schedule will confirm the period of cover.

1. What is covered

The Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service provides you with cover for up to £75,000 for our fees for these events:

  • Dealing with any enquiry correspondence from HMRC;
  • Income & Corporation Tax Enquiries, including Full, Aspect and Schedule 36 enquiries;
  • VAT & Employer Compliance disputes (e.g. IR35/PAYE/P11D/P9D/NIC/CIS); and
  • Automatic private individual cover for all directors or partners and their spouses for their Personal tax returns (as long as we are the Appointed Personal Tax Agent and they show no other self-employed, rental income over £20,000 or any foreign income)

2. The main exclusions are:

Boox will not be able to make a claim against the policy, in the following circumstances:

  • Enquiries or Disputes, which have commenced prior to the inception of the Policy.
  • Enquiries or Disputes resulting from tax returns, which are submitted more than 30 days after the statutory filing date.
  • Enquiries or Disputes where fraudulent evasion of tax is involved.
  • Enquiries or Disputes involving tax avoidance schemes.
  • Fees relating to the routine presentation of your affairs including the preparation or rectification of self-assessment tax returns, accounts, P11Ds, P35s, VAT returns or any other statutory returns.
  • Fees, expenses and disbursements incurred without the prior consent of Taxwise.
  • Fees incurred reconstructing books and records that have been poorly maintained.
  • Fees incurred as a direct consequence of a deliberate and/or significant omission of taxable income.
  • Enquiries commenced by Special Civil Investigations (SCI) under Code of Practice 9. SCI Code of Practice 8 enquiries limited to £5,000 provided fraud or fraudulent intent is disproved.
  • A condition of the arrangement made with the insurers is that all claims must occur and be notified during the Period of Insurance.
  • This service only applies to enquiries or disputes with HMRC, whose jurisdiction is within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland excluding the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

3. How it works

As soon as you become aware of any circumstance that could lead to a claim, you should notify Boox.

Notification can be made to customerservice@boox.co.uk or by phoning your dedicated accountant.

On notification we will require a scanned copy of the opening correspondence from HMRC.  We will also require scans of any subsequent correspondence from HMRC.

We will notify Taxwise of the enquiry or investigation, and submit a claim form on your behalf.  Taxwise will write to you, and Boox, determining whether the claim is covered, not covered or subject to restricted cover and explain why.

You could be liable for fees should the claim be denied.

Boox will raise an invoice to your company for the fees incurred in assisting you in the tax enquiry or investigation, and send a copy to you and Taxwise.

If you are not VAT registered, Taxwise will settle the gross invoice.

If you are VAT registered, Taxwise will settle the net amount of the invoice.

4. Employment and Health & Safety Support Service

This comprises telephone access to our external consultants who are available to assist you with practical advice on any employment and health & safety issues your business may encounter.

The service is available weekdays between 9.00am to 5.30pm.

To access this service please call refer to your Summary of Service Schedule for the telephone number and policy number.

5. Business Legal Support Advice Line Service

This comprises telephone access to external specialist legal advisors in all areas of law.

The service is available weekdays between 9.00am and 5:30pm.

In order to refer your query to the relevant area of law this is a “ring back service”.

To access this service please call refer to your Summary of Service Schedule for the telephone number and policy number.

Please note that the legal advice is not indemnified.