By Jonathan London on 1st August 2014

Freelancer interview: Physiotherapist Sherry Bingham

In our latest interview, we caught up with independent physiotherapist Sherry Bingham to see what she thought about our contractor accounting service. Find out what Sherry had to say about life with Boox.

How long have you been freelancing/contracting?

Since 2010, so just about four years.

–          What is your line of work?

I’m a Physiotherapist.

–          Who are your clients (which companies do you work for or what types of individuals)?

Mostly it’s through agencies but I’m starting to do work in the private sector as well now.

–          When did you start using Boox?

I joined Boox around 18 months ago after a friend recommended I look at the service they offer.

–         What do you particularly like about the Boox service?

It’s just so easy to use. The software is really user-friendly, in particular the mobile apps that they have just released which I’m now using. It’s just so much better than using an Excel spreadsheet like I had to before.

–          How does the Boox service compare to your previous accountant or software?

It’s just so much easier as I can do it all myself.  The accounting team are also there if I run into any trouble.

–          Do you find it easier to understand your financial position and if so in what way? 

Yes and no. The only thing I would say no about is savings for tax, as I don’t know that until the end of the year it can be tricky working out how much I’m supposed to save throughout the year.

–          Do you find you are more organised in terms of financial admin and if so in what ways?

Yes. I know exactly where I’m at with everything now.

–          Do you spend more or less time on financial admin with Boox?

I do spend more time on my finances with Boox, but it’s much more efficient. Previously I didn’t have the ability to do my own admin and left it all to my previous supplier.  I’m much happier spending that small amount of extra time knowing my financial position.

–          Please can you quantify how much time you spend on financial admin with Boox?  

Currently I spend around 2 hours a week. One hour throughout the week creating and sending invoices, and adding expenses.  I  then another hour on the weekends just checking everything over.

–          Have you saved money on accountancy bills by using Boox?


–          Has using Boox enabled you to earn more money (if so in what way/how much?)

I don’t know with that one. I’m paying the same amount of tax but i’m paying less with regards to accountancy fees, so possibly.

–          How easy/quick was it to get started with Boox?

It was incredibly easy. They talked me through the whole set up process, and then I’ve had one to one walkthroughs on how to use the app.

–          How do you find the service/your accountant?

Awesome. Every time I need a little help my accountant gets back to me straight away and explains everything in a way I can understand.

–          Have you ever recommended Boox to others?

Many times, without hesitation.  The service is so easy to use – it’s basically idiot proof.

–          What do you enjoy most about contracting/freelancing?

Being frank, it’s the money! But seriously, I like the flexibility that comes with freelancing in terms of being able to choose which contracts I take. There’s nothing I don’t enjoy about it.

–          What are the biggest challenges of having a limited company?

I just don’t see it as a challenge. Now that I’ve got Boox, it’s so much easier. For me it’s just a part of day to day life, so it’s not a challenge at all!

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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