By Jonathan London on 3rd December 2014

Fun and festive gifts to buy a freelancer this Christmas

It’s the hap-happiest season of all, and Christmas really is going to be here soon (in three weeks to be exact), bringing with it all the merriment and cheer that is humanly possible to experience.

We are sure that there will be a number of people who are still unsure what fun gifts they should buy the special freelancer in their lives this year. So, with the number of shopping days lessening and the postal service starting to become even more busy, we have a few suggestions which we are sure will brighten up even the most Scrooge-like character this Christmas.

Make those coffee and tea breaks more enjoyable

Most people love a good cup of tea or coffee to start the day off, and freelancers really are no exception to this, so we are sure that a fun beverage-themed gift will be well received underneath the Christmas tree.

For a rather tongue-in-cheek gift, make like Michael Scott and purchase them a ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug. Even if they don’t fully get the reference to The Office, we are sure they will appreciate the acknowledgment of their work – after all, a freelancer is his/her own boss!

Coffee lovers will undoubtedly love a fancy cafetiere for their desk, with some fresh coffee to try too. There are many stylish designs that you can find in most department stores, including John Lewis and Debenhams. You can buy cafetieres for one, although depending on how much of a coffee addict the recipient is, you may want to go for a larger one – just in case.

If tea is their drink of choice, then there are a number of fun tea-themed gifts available at the moment, from quirky teapots, to teapot warmers and cosies which ensure their Earl Grey doesn’t go cold while on important calls, and some really fun tea infusers – we love the Hanging Robot one…

Offer a bit of zen

Regardless of your profession, work can be stressful and, of course, working for yourself can bring with it added things to think about such as sorting out your own tax details and ensuring that your home office is up to date, while being very organised when it comes to client liaison.

Sometimes, your freelancer friend just needs to de-stress and we are sure they will love any form of present that will help this happen!

An obvious choice is a stress ball which they can squeeze to their hearts content (or until they end up tearing it apart) when they have any stressful moments throughout their working week. You can find so many fun designs on Amazon and a number of other online stores, and if you are thinking of going down the not-so-traditional route, this Emergency Stress Ball is bound to give them a laugh.

Why not offer them a bit of calmness while making their desk slightly more aesthetically pleasing by wrapping up a Mini Zen Gardening Kit? You can find a variety of styles, but they usually come on a tray filled with sand and a rake for the user to comb with whenever they are feeling the need for some tranquility. Most feature a stone with an incense stick in to really help add some more, well, ‘zen’.

Give the gift of organisation

Okay, this may not sound as fun as the other ideas, but being a freelancer means you have to be very organised, and sometimes practical gifts are the best kind.

Diaries and desk calendars are both fantastic ideas for freelancers, especially those who are often busy heading out to meetings and to visit clients. Just make sure that they haven’t already got one for 2015 before you decide to purchase one!

Notebooks are also a great idea for a gift for a freelancer, and they differ in price so that you don’t have to worry on your budget. If you do have a bit more money to play with, the Moleskine range is beautiful and we are sure that they will be making use of them when it comes to client meetings.

We are also sure that a new pen to be used for business meetings will be greatly appreciated this Christmas, be it a roller ball one or a fountain pen. Make it even more special by having their name engraved on it.

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Remember that when you refer a friend to Boox, we pay up to £250 per person that signs up and starts using our service. You can even swap our usual cash incentive for a number of a special gift you can either keep for yourself or pass onto someone else.

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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