A contractors guide to social media and blogging

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By Lynne Gowers on 23rd April 2014

A contractors guide to social media and blogging

Keeping a blog and raising your profile through social media are excellent ways to express your personality, build your knowledge, share your professional interests and extend your industry networks. Keep reading to get more information in our contractors guide to social media and blogging.

Guide to social media and blogging

Contractors Guide to Social Media

With content and updates on these information streams being rapidly superseded, the emphasis on social networking tends to be on current issues and personal insights.  There are numerous social networks that your contracting business can benefit from if used regularly and appropriately. Here’s a brief guide to the most popular.


Facebook is the world’s biggest social media site with over 1 billion active users. The site allows you to build company pages and develop highly targeted advertising.

Facebook pages allow you to generate a following through regular updates, press releases and other information about your business. Your professional and personal contacts could overlap, so you may want to consider keeping separate Facebook profiles.


Twitter is your personality distilled into 140 characters. It’s a great place to show your sense of humour and follow people you would be unlikely to encounter on any other social network.

Be relevant, funny, useful, unique or any combination of all four, and your Twitter following will grow. You can tweet links to pages you want to share – including blog posts on your website – and retweet updates posted by people you follow.

Use Twitter’s hashtag facility to both tailor your content and to search for other people who are commenting on the subjects or events of interest to you.


For most users, LinkedIn is used purely for business networking and finding new business. This is where you project your professional credentials to potential clients and employers. Businesses promote themselves through LinkedIn company pages while recruitment agencies use the site to seek out potential candidates.

There are many industry groups within LinkedIn that enable you to connect and network with likeminded people. From a business point of view, LinkedIn is a networking must.

Google +

Although nowhere near the size of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in terms of numbers of members, Google+ has one major advantage – its integration with the Google search engine. Content on your Google+ pages is treated in the same way as regular web pages. This means it gets ranked higher – and for longer – on Google search results than updates and posts on other social media sites. While there is a social element to Google +, its real value, at the present time at least, lies in the opportunities it presents to gain an advantage in search engine optimisation (SEO).

More on Blogging

Have you considered using a blog within your businesses website to provide useful and practical information that offers readers genuine benefits? Share your knowledge in the form of ‘How to’ articles, and when relevant, comment on industry developments such as major takeovers and new legislation.

Keep your tone conversational, yet authoritative and consider your reader before using jargon. Avoid blatant sales pitches but don’t be afraid to link key words in your blog posts to relevant pages on your website. Give your readers the right to comment and disagree with you and always engage when a reader takes the time to leave a well-considered response.

Finally, make your blog a part of your website rather than a separate entity. This way, your website will benefit from the search engine visibility generated by your blog post.

Is there a social media channel you’ve used which we’ve missed above? Please feel free to comment and add your own experiences.

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