Could filing your tax return become Christmas Day tradition

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By Lynne Gowers on 5th January 2015

Could filing your tax return become Christmas Day tradition

When you ask friends what they got up to on Christmas Day, you tend to expect an answer consisting of something along the lines of: I ate so much chocolate that by lunchtime I was worried that I would never move again… or Things got a bit rowdy towards the end of the Queen’s Speech after Uncle Bill had one too many sherries….

One response which may take you by surprise is: I ate my turkey, pretended to enjoy the brussel sprouts then filled in my tax return…. You may be forgiven for thinking you misheard this, but a total of 1,773 people actually did take some time out on Christmas Day to log onto the HMRC website to do just this.

Filing your tax return - Christmas tradition

Interestingly, the figure from December 25th 2014 was a 13 per cent increase from the previous year and it seems that the most popular time to make the festive tax return was just before lunch, with 148 being completed between midday and 13:00 GMT.

While it may come as a surprise that anyone, let alone such a large number of people, would want to spend a portion of their Christmas Day filling out their tax return, it must be taken into account that this may actually be the most convenient time to do so for many. Having the option of doing it online also makes it easier.

Director general of personal tax at HMRC, Ruth Owen, said: You can file your online return at any time of day or night – even Christmas Day, if it suits you.…

It wasn’t just Christmas Day which proved popular for those wanting to ensure they were up to date with their tax affairs, as 17,644 online returns were submitted on Christmas Eve, which was a four per cent increase from 2013.

A total of 4,811 were sent over on Boxing Day, which was again an increase on the number received in 2013 – seven per cent to be precise.

The deadline for submitting a paper return passed on 31st October 2014, which leaves the deadline for the electronic version being January 31st 2015. However, HMRC has warned that the sooner you do it, the better.

Ms Owen advised: Don’t leave it too late. Give yourself plenty of time to resolve any problems and if you need to call us, do it now, as our phone lines get much busier as the 31 January deadline approaches.…

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