How to get your pitch emails noticed

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By Lynne Gowers on 31st March 2015

How to get your pitch emails noticed

Pitches are crucial for many small businesses and freelancers – not getting it right can cost money.

Of course, the way pitches are made has changed a lot in recent years and the development of technology means they aren’t always face-to-face. A lot of pitches are now made by email and this means you need to make sure they get noticed by the right people. So here are a few tips on how to make sure your pitch gets noticed for all the right reasons.

How to get your pitch emails noticed

Do the research

It pays to make sure your email goes directly to the person who is making the decision. Look on social media or a company website and double-check you have the email address correct. If you are unsure who to send your pitch to then give the company a call and ask.

Make the subject line count

People get numerous emails every day and many of them are just deleted without a second glance. If you want to get your pitch noticed then make sure you put the relevant information in the subject line to avoid it being wrongly classed as spam. Be upfront about why you are sending the email.

It also pays to have a professional email address – don’t send important pitches from your personal account – ie but from an address with your name and business name.

Use a read receipt

It can be infuriating not knowing if your email has been read or even delivered. Therefore, make sure you request a delivery and read receipt. You can do this using most standard mail software and it is good practice – although take 5 minutes to think whether this may come across as a little creepy to your potential new client!

Keep it concise

You may have the urge to detail everything about your company and how great you are in one email. But it may be more effective to keep your pitch brief and more to the point. If you feel they need more information about you and your company, then put a link into a relevant page on your website. Or given them some details of satisfied clients so they can check for references and feedback.

Otherwise, a lengthy email is likely to remain unread and eventually deleted.

Format the email correctly

Remember your email may be read on a mobile device so make sure it is sent in a format that is clear and easy to read on a mobile, as well as a computer or laptop. Don’t include high-resolution photos as this will make it tedious for those on the move to download – consider a link to external cloud storage so they can click when back in the office.

Check the spelling

Proof read your email before clicking the send button – it will not make the right impression to have spelling mistakes – also double-check you have spelt the name of the recipient right. Paying attention to such details will create a favourable image of you and your company.

Remember your contact details

Make sure you include all your business information and have a good signature. Remember to put your Twitter name and LinkedIn link on the bottom of the email. The company may not want to use your services this time, but they may opt to follow your social media presence so they can contact you easily in the future or keep track of your developments.

Finally, don’t be afraid to send a follow-up email or make a phone call to see if you can provide any further information on your pitch – persistence often pays off!

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