How to start promoting your limited company

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By Lynne Gowers on 29th October 2014

How to start promoting your limited company

It can always be a bit daunting stepping out of your comfort zone and ‘going it alone’ in the world of business. One of the most daunting parts of it for someone who has never been self employed before is often how you get started with promoting the business, especially if you have set up a limited company.

After all, aside from word of mouth and recommendations, this is a large part of how you are going to attract customers to want to use your products and  is imperative in ensuring that you are successful in what you do.

How to start promoting your limited company

Decide on your ‘brand’

It’s important before you begin promoting your limited company that you have a clear set of values in mind, this way all promotion you do will be consistent and really help to give a clear sense of the company and what it does as a ‘brand’.

Potential customers are more likely to trust and react well to a new company if it has a concise message, so make sure that you are comfortable with this before you start telling others about it. It’s also good to keep in mind where you hope to see yourself with the company in two years time and how you hope the initial couple of years will play out.

It’s also worthwhile considering your ‘personal brand’ as a contractor. What do you stand for?

Start surfing

We live in a digital age where, thanks to the internet, everything is easily accessible.

With this in mind, it makes sense that the first step in promoting your limited company is to set up a website, as this will be the first port of call for many clients who are interested in your services.

It really pays off to spend a bit of money on a website and the more professional and trustworthy it looks, the better. So, if you have a logo in mind and a specific colour scheme, make sure it is integrated when creating it.

Make sure you also stick to the legal formalities of having a website for your limited company and ensure that you include the place of registration, registered number and registered office address present on the website.

Get social

Now that you have your brand message and website set up and ready to go, it’s time to sign your limited company up to social media sites, in particular, LinkedIn.

Ensure to supply a link to the company’s website and upload your logo if possible to again show consistency and therefore reliability when setting up a company page. Also make sure your personal LinkedIn profile is up to date and visible, so that potential clients can have a look at you and see where your previous experience lies.

LinkedIn is also great as it offers recommendations and endorsements from others, so it pays to get in touch with previous clients and co-workers to ask them to offer a few kind words about your work ethic and capability.

Share news stories and write articles within your specific sector to post on to the company page to showcase yourself as a thought leader in the area in which you work. Also, make sure to join as many relevant groups as possible and comment on what others are saying, as it helps to create interest in what you do and engage well with others who may become potential clients.


When promoting your limited company it is also important to step out from behind the computer and start to speak with people face to face. While we wouldn’t necessarily call this ‘canvassing’, it is very important to actually communicate in person with your targeted group of clients and others in the industry who you will want to keep in touch with.

There are various networking events held throughout the year that are very much worth going to. Pick up advice from others who are in the same stage as you are in setting up your limited company, or speak to those who are now established and see what tips they have to offer.

It also pays to have some business cards created and ready to give out at such events, again sticking to your logo and theme, to show just how professional you are. You never know what opportunities may arise from networking and meeting new people.

Anything we’ve missed?

Obviously modern marketing techniques mean there are masses of different media our there for you to consider trialing in your attempts to find work and promote your limited company. If you’re a seasoned contracting veteran, what tools have you used to promote your business?

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