The Importance of a Review Meeting

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By Jonathan London on 9th July 2014

The Importance of a Review Meeting

One of the perks of being a freelancer is that you don’t have to attend every little meeting under the sun that businesses often deem ‘necessary’.

Sometimes meetings can feel like they are getting in the way of the real work, especially when you are used to doing things your own way.

However, there are times when meetings can be very important, and, in some cases, very beneficial to both the client and the freelancer involved. The review meeting is one such example, and in this article we will explain why this is and when it’s best to arrange one with your client.

The importance of the review meeting: Freelancer advice

What is a review meeting?

This is basically a discussion with your client to assess how things are going and review how the project is progressing. It can also provide a chance for you to get some feedback from the client about your work, which you can use to streamline your service in the future.

When should I hold one?

This is generally up to you. Some prefer to have them once a month, others quarterly and some once a year. How often you have a review meeting can depends on a few other factors as well, however. The length of your contract may be a determining factor as well as your client’s availability.

Some clients may not be too hands on and therefore a meeting could be difficult to arrange. This is probably unlikely, however, as many clients will probably want to know how you are progressing with a contract at some point in the contract.

What can I do to make sure it runs smoothly?

The old cliche ‘time is money’ seems to be quite apt here. As we mentioned above, both you and your client may have reasons to avoid a review meeting but it’s sensible to make time for one at some point.

In order to make sure that the meeting runs smoothly and goes according to plan you can do a few things before hand to prepare.

Make a plan

Set out what you want to discuss before the meeting, highlighting any important topics that you think should be covered in detail.

This way you can keep the meeting focussed and avoid any unwanted deviations. You could even try to establish a timeline for potential meetings when you agree to take on the contract in the first place.

Planning something so far in advance can sometimes be difficult but there’s no harm in letting the client know that you intend to have a regular meeting with them over the course of the project.

Keep it concise

Following on from the above point, your client will appreciate that you have planned the meeting out in order to keep it short and to the point. The review need not go on for hours on end. Keep it short and sweet, just ensure that you’ve covered the areas you want to.

Focus on the bigger picture

A review meeting shouldn’t specifically focus on you as an individual. Yes, it may touch on this but the main reason for such a meeting is to determine how a project is progressing and if there are any other ways you can improve that.

Be confident

One of the most important things about holding a review meeting (or any meeting for that matter) is being confident enough to organise and hold one. You must focus on the positives of the meeting and why you are holding it in the first place.

If a client is difficult to get hold of, it likely that it’s not because they don’t want to have the meeting, just that they are busy. Persist as far as you feel comfortable with setting up the review, but if it feels like you’re dedicating more time than you have to chasing the client, then take a step back for the moment.

You may wish to contact the client’s secretary (if they have one) to arrange the meeting, as they will have a better idea about their schedule.

Remember, the entire point of a review meeting is to progress with a project and take it forward in the best possible way and so it’s important to arrange a time for this at some point in the contract.

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