By Lynne Gowers on 24th April 2014

Is it time to update your social network profiles?

Do your social media profiles project the very latest version of you? In today’s online world, things change fast. Your previous projects are ancient history in no time at all and skills once considered cutting edge can quickly become outmoded. At the same time, the social media landscape is constantly evolving, with new features being rolled out by the main sites almost daily. So, is it time to give your social profiles a facelift?

Time to update your social profiles

Does your photograph look like you?

If you use a photograph of yourself, check that it’s still a good representation of what you really look like. For simplicity and consistency, use the same image across all your social media profiles, though be aware of the image sizes specific to each. Also, be sure to strike the balance between the formality and the casual as befits your industry sector.

Is your bio up to date?

Keep your bio up to the minute, so that people can see what you are about right now. Nobody’s interested in what you achieved five years ago or who you worked for back in the day. The exception to this is if you have won awards for your work. Always find a way to mention these – it’s one of the main reasons for entering them in the first place. Keeping your bio current helps to make new contacts and build your professional network.

Are you connecting with the right people?

New people are constantly joining the online networking world, while others, for a whole range of personal and business reasons, frequently out of your sphere of professional interest. Keep your connections relevant and manageable to ensure you are tuned into the most appropriate people. This will mean having the occasional clearout and unfollowing some people from time to time.

Are you contributing enough to the conversation?

Social media is a two way dialogue. You can gain much from listening in and getting the early heads up on buying signals. It’s equally important however, to be a contributor. Offer your advice, insights and helpful advice whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Have you Googled yourself recently?

Social media content – including yours – ranks highly in search engine results these days. Bear in mind that your LinkedIn profile, your tweets and other posts could be what people in the wider online community use to form their first impressions of you.

Have you optimised your settings and email alerts?

For each social network you are on, spend a little time deciding which emails and alerts you subscribe to. Alerts are an excellent way of staying in the loop on a particular issue or with specific individuals when you’re not logged into your accounts. Let them all in though, and you’ll soon be buried under a blizzard of emails. You may also be at risk of developing “fomo” (Fear of Missing Out).

Written by Lynne Gowers
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