By Lynne Gowers on 14th May 2018

HMRC authorisation codes – what they are and why we need them

As a business owner, your time is way too precious to spend hours dealing with HMRC or Companies House.
Once you appoint Boox as your accountant, we are committed to supporting you as much as possible to save you time and effort which means we’ll spend time waiting in call queues so that you don’t have to.

As your online accountant, it is important that we are able to speak to HMRC and Companies House on your behalf and access your online records wherever necessary, so that we can help you with your company affairs. However, before we can do this, we must have your formal authorisation to act on your behalf. But don’t worry, this is very simple.

In the course of our engagement with you, we will send you various documents to complete to get the necessary permissions in place. We will also request authorisation codes from HMRC on your behalf. These are sent to you as the business owner and we will then need them (before they expire), in order to access your records.

It’s worth pointing out that, even with these permissions in place, we won’t submit anything to HMRC on behalf of you or your company without your express approval in writing (by email is fine).

Our Tax Manager, Candice Chandler (pictured above), has prepared a run down of the main forms and codes:

Form 64-8

Form 64-8 authorises HMRC to communicate with Boox as your accountant and tax agent, acting on your behalf.

View the form

Form 64-8 completed in the name of your company, gives HMRC permission to talk to Boox accountants about your company’s PAYE affairs, VAT and Corporation Tax.

Form 64-8 completed by you as an individual allows us to speak to HMRC for your self-assessment tax return and to view your online personal tax records.

Corporation Tax authorisation code

This enables us to view your company’s online tax record for Corporation Tax and file Corporation Tax returns. (The Company 64-8 also lets us do this but can take up to 8 weeks for HMRC to process, so the code is quicker).

VAT authorisation code

This enables us to file your VAT returns and view your online company VAT record.

PAYE authorisation code

This allows us to view the appropriate online records to ensure than notices can be downloaded for payroll.

Self-assessment authorisation code

This gives us equivalent authority as the personal Form 64-8 but is usually much quicker to activate.

Companies House webfiling code

As your accountant we will require a webfiling authentication code from Companies House so that we can make the necessary online submissions on your company’s behalf.

Your Companies House webfiling code is a 6 digit alphanumeric code issued to each limited company and is used to authorise information filed online; the equivalent of a company officer’s code.

If Boox incorporates your company, you don’t have to worry, as we will receive your webfiling code. If we do not incorporate your company, you will need to pass the webfiling code on to us.

Click here for more information on webfiling codes

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Written by Lynne Gowers
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