By Lynne Gowers on 6th March 2015

Missing the fun of a office prank now you’re a freelancer?

Are you a freelancer who misses the office buzz ? There are alternative arrangements you could consider (ever thought about office co-working, or here’s some other options?) if you miss the banter and the occasional office prank.

Whether it’s to relieve tension, bring a colleague down a peg or two or simply play while the cat’s away, the occasional practical joke can deliver team building benefits that corporate event planners can only dream of. Here’s a look at some of the most common types that (in most businesses) are unlikely to get you fired.

The visual prank

This can range from simply placing an object out of its usual context to the complete refurb of an absent colleague’s office. The latter calls for levels of creativity, teamwork, resourcefulness and leadership that your HR department and senior management will be proud of.


The mind game prank

Tapping into a colleague’s self-doubt can provide excellent results as they pause to question to their own sanity. Noises that only they can hear, products that malfunction and items that move seemingly of their own accord are all good candidates for the mind game prank.

While the effect of this not-so-visual prank wasn’t quite as enduring as some, we loved the conception and execution.

The tamper-with-office-equipment prank

One of our favourite’s here at Boox (ask Joyce), making subtle adjustments to someone’s equipment, then sitting back to see how long it takes them to notice, can always be relied upon to raise a good laugh. The never-ending march of new office technology means there will always be opportunities to put a new twist on this old favourite.

Sometimes, however, the old ones remain the best.


The techno-prank

Wireless connectivity in the office, allowing us to access and control machines remotely, is excellent for productivity and seamless communications. It’s also a boon for pranksters with a predilection for spooking out less tech-savvy colleagues.

Techno-pranks can have serious internal and external consequences if taken too far, so we reckon it’s safest to involve only a small number of colleagues – and definitely not clients.


When office pranks go wrong

Depending on whether you’re a witness or the perpetrator, the failed prank can entertain way beyond its intention or cause severe embarrassment – even injury.

If you’re taking the central role in an office prank, don’t start until you’re sure it won’t backfire.

Written by Lynne Gowers
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