By Lynne Gowers on 26th July 2018

Boox app update – VAT approval with a click!

If you engage Boox to do your company’s VAT returns, you’ll be aware that we require your specific approval and authority before we submit a return to HMRC.

This means you get full visibility of the figures before they are sent to HMRC and if you are happy with the calculation, give us the go-ahead to submit the return.

In-app VAT approval

We’ve now made the VAT approval process even quicker and easier, with just one click in the Boox app. (You can still email your accounting team confirming approval if you prefer).

How it works

When we have finished preparing your VAT return we will email it to you as usual. The email will contain a link which will enable you to view the return in the app.

Once you have viewed the figures within the VAT return, you will have the option to either approve or query it.

Here’s how it looks in the app:

If you select “Query return”, you will have the option of sending us a message detailing the nature of the query, or requesting a call back from your accounting team.

If you select “Approve”, there will follow a simple Yes-No option confirming you wish to approve the return, and authorise us to submit this return on your behalf.

By clicking “Yes” at this point, we will be notified to complete this process for you, with no need for you to manually email us your approval.

By clicking “No” you will be returned to the VAT return and no action will be taken by Boox.

As you can see, when approving you are given the option of receiving an email detailing payment instructions: just tick the box if you would like an email to be sent.

Either way, the appropriate payment instructions will appear in the return once it is approved, along with an option for you to mark the return as paid once you have done so, as shown below:

If you have any questions or feedback on this update, please get in touch with your accounting team.

Keeping “app” with your accounting needs

Developments in the Boox accounting app are driven by user suggestions and feedback. Enhancements are always made with the aim of making it even easier to manage your accounts online.

We really welcome your ideas, so tell us what you think.

Not a Boox client? Switching to Boox is easy – you’ll never look back.

Lynne Gowers Written by Lynne Gowers

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