IT Contracting Jobs

 IT contracting jobs

Finding new IT contracting jobs

A Google search for IT contracting jobs will return around 78 million results. This suggests the world of IT contracting is buoyant and varied.

It’s also competitive, so it’s worth developing your personal profile and jobseeking tools.

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 Your IT contractor CV

As an IT contractor, showing your competence in specific technologies is vital on your CV. Employers looking for people skilled in say, UNIX, will scan your CV for evidence of your credentials. List your strong points near the top of your CV to enhance your chances of getting an interview. Score your expertise on a scale of 1-5 and say when you last used these skills. This tells employers how up to date you are with each technology and if your skill level matches the role they’re recruiting for.

 Recruitment agencies

Most major recruitment companies have departments specialising in IT contracting jobs, while many smaller agencies specialise in niches of the IT industry. Maintaining close relations with agencies is an excellent way to stay abreast of IT contracting opportunities.

Online resources for IT contractors

Sites such as The IT Job Board allow you to search contracting roles by your keywords and/or by region. It’s worth spending time researching job boards and finding out which ones work best for you.

The same applies to CV databases. These are sites where employers run searches for candidates with specific skills and industry sector experience. A good example of a CV database for IT contractors is IT Jobs Online.

Finally, maintain an up-to-date profile on LinkedIn and use the site’s job search function regularly. LinkedIn helps you develop your network and raise your profile with employers and influencers in your sector.