IT Contractor Accountants

it contractor accountants with laptop

Accounting for IT contractors

Working as an IT contractor means having the freedom to choose what type of work you, who you do it for and – within reason – how much you want to earn.

It also means there’s no one to calculate your tax and National Insurance deductions or advise you on all the expenses you can claim.

Unless you use IT contractor accountants.

Why to use IT contractor accountants

Accountants who understand you and your market sector can help you build your business. Instead of it being a cost to your company, a good accountancy service can, in fact, increase in your take-home pay. Tax laws are highly complex and, unless you know your way around the system, you could easily miss out on allowances and other benefits you’re entitled to.

Furthermore, with an accountancy service taking care of your obligations to HMRC and Companies House, you’re free to devote your time to winning – and doing – fee-earning work.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your risk of filing an inaccurate tax return or being hit with a penalty for missing a deadline is minimised.

 Types of IT contractor accountants

Not all accountancy services are created equal. Some specialise in working for large companies, some specialise in market sectors. Some are exclusively online, while others are based on the high street. Almost all have different fee structures.

Why Boox?

At Boox, we specialise in working with contractors. We’re experts in many areas that matter to you, such as IR35, small business legislation and the expenses you can claim. Our accounting service is web-based, giving you 24/7 access. We also offer a dedicated accountant to provide full personal support, and who you can call any time during office hours.