By Chris Martins D'Almeida on 22nd March 2016

Recent changes to the Boox app

We’re making a number of changes to the Boox app which we hope will excite you as much as they excite us! Here’s a quick overview of the changes we’re making and will be available in app from the 29th March 2016.


Dividend Tax

We’ve introduced a logic to estimate and communicate your personal liability.

As soon as dividends are drawn which exceed the tax free allowance, you’ll be alerted in your pay breakdown, signifying that you need to put aside some personal funds to cover that liability.

If you click on the ‘Total’ dividend amount for the shareholder, a breakdown of the estimated liability at that stage will be shown.

There’s also a link to the Salary and Dividends chart which breaks down the dividend, salary and other income for the year, giving a simple visualisation of where the different dividend tax thresholds take effect. Hover over the dividend data (in the bar chart) to see a breakdown of the estimated liability.

This chart also predicts the income for the end of the year based on what’s been taken currently and the remaining pay periods in the year.

For more information, check out the full blog post here.


Dashboard Management

All dashboards are now in one place, so they’re easier to use and more accessible.

Instead of having separate dashboards for expenses, invoices etc, we’ve made all the charts and widgets available from the home page.

We’ve chosen the default set of widgets, but we’ve also given you creative control, so you can customise which widgets are shown as well as their position within the dashboard.

For more information, check out the full blog post here.



Until recently, we managed the IR35 process for you outside of the Boox app, but we’ve now enhanced the process so that management of deemed payment operates seamlessly within your pay breakdowns.

When your pay breakdowns are generated we’ll calculate the current deemed payment based on the IR35 income to date, and will advise you to take this amount as salary.

Some expenses can reduce the deemed payment (above the standard 5% allowance). Any expenses that are specifically allowable for deduction can be marked as so when adding the expense:



For more information, check out the full blog post here.


Please get in touch and let us know your feedback – we hope you think these changes are as awesome as we do!

Chris Martins D'Almeida Written by Chris Martins D'Almeida

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