Losing sleep over HMRC self assessment?

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If the thought of completing a self assessment tax return fills you with dread, why not hand it over to the experts? Our efficient self assessment tax return service takes the hassle away and keeps the tax man at bay!

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Online Self Assessment Tax Return services for you

What is self assessment?

Income tax is usually deducted automatically from wages, pensions and savings. Self assessment is the system used by HMRC to collect tax from people and businesses with other means of income. You can complete an online self assessment or fill in a paper form and post it. HMRC will be in touch if they want you to file a personal tax return.

Do I need to complete one?

Director of a Limited Company? Self-employed? Earning over £100,000? Earning over £50,000 and receiving child benefit? Foreign income of over £2000? Earning income that hasn’t been taxed?

Still not sure? Check out HMRC’s handy self assessment tool

The Process

You complete a questionnaire

We get to work on your return

You review what we’ve done

We submit your self assessment online directly to HMRC

Job done!


HMRC takes a hard line when it comes to late submission. Missing the deadline by just one day incurs a £100 penalty immediately. At 3 months you’ll be charged £10 a day for 90 days, then a further £300 at 6 months. So by 6 months you’ll have racked up a hefty £1,300 in penalties. Ouch.

The extra mile

Struggling to pay your personal tax bill by HMRC’s deadline? Our dedicated accounting team is on hand with all the help and advice you need to get back on track.

Other HMRC self assessment tools

You can register for self assessment. Think you have overpaid tax? Check out HMRC’s tax return calculator. Going old school? Download a self assessment tax return form


We are currently completing self assessments for tax year April 6th 2015 to April 5th 2016. This year’s deadlines are October 31st 2016 for "paper" submissions, and January 31st January 2017 to submit your tax return online and for payment of tax due.

How much will it cost?

Our comprehensive self-assessment tax return service starts at just



If you don’t have the time to file your tax self assessment yourself and don’t want to miss the deadline or face the penalties, consider using our simple, great value service.

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