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Why switch accountant?

We love to turn our clients into fans of what we do. That’s why business owners across the UK have switched from their traditional accountants to Boox for a more convenient online accounting experience. We’ll help you discover how online accounting software can transform how you manage your accounts, while our committed team support the changing needs of your business with ongoing advice and guidance.

Frequently asked questions

Can I switch accountants?

Of course! If you’re looking to change your accountant for any reason, all you have to do is contact us. Sign up and then you can leave the rest to us. We’ll get all your financial information from your existing accountant and transfer it to Boox. You can even start using our software straight away while we look after the handover – once we get the opening position up to date there may be catch ups required.

What documents will I need to complete to switch

To switch to Boox we just need you to complete and sign a couple of forms and we will do the rest. Contact us and our friendly team will explain what is needed and when.

How long does the switching process take?

This depends on how quickly we get the information from your previous accountant. However, we will do our best to make sure that the handover process is as smooth as possible. Once we have the necessary information, it normally takes a week to update the app with your accounts.

When is the best time to switch accountants?

Although the easiest time to switch to Boox is at the end of your business financial year, it may not be practical to wait. If you change your accountant mid-year, we may need to recreate what your accountant has done. In these circumstances, we will always agree what work is required in advance, clearly detailing any associated costs.

Will I have to pay any fees to my old accountant?

Generally not, although you will need to check this with your previous accountant. If you have an outstanding account balance then it is unlikely that your previous accountant will talk to us and provide the necessary information until this has been settled.

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