Take home pay

We’ve just launched a handy, new Take Home Pay Calculator which gives you a rough idea of what kind of income you might expect to receive when you operate through your own Limited Company, compared to what you might receive from an Umbrella Company, or if you were Self-Employed. (more…)
When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, one issue that is still extremely pertinent and forever debated, even in today's modern society, is the pay gap between men and women. The government states that on average women earn 19.1 per cent less than men - a significant gap, and one that is surprising given the amount of barriers that are in place to ensure a more equal workplace. (more…)
The very nature of freelancing often means that the ability to be flexible is a hugely important asset to have. Whether you're being flexible with regards to your working hours or the amount you decide to put away into your rainy day fund, operating as an independent professional can mean that you have to learn to adapt on a regular basis. (more…)
New research from the Professional Representation Network has claimed that the top UK contractor earnings are three times more than the country's average wage. The study found that the top 100,000 contractors in the UK earned an average of approximately £80,000 per year, significantly higher than the national average of £27,000. (more…)