Everyone loves it when pay day comes around; you finally get to splash out on that bag/top/pair of shoes that you've been coveting for the past few weeks, and start wistfully searching online for 5* holidays to the Maldives. However, as a freelancer you might have several pay days spread out over the course of the month. You might have regular clients who are billed monthly or weekly, depending on the value. In addition, you might have one-off projects which are billed on an ad hoc basis. Here, we take a look at how freelancers get paid; from the initial contract options to the possibility of overdue payments. (more…)
As everyone's favourite arachnid superhero was once told, 'with great power, comes great responsibility'. Starting up as self-employed gives you the superpower of control; you control your workload, your hours at your desk, and the clients and projects you take on. Unfortunately, you also have to take control of your newly created self-employed accounts - and this can be an overwhelming responsibility. (more…)