What’s changing?

Our current approach to sending these emails from within Boox is to “impersonate” you or send them on your behalf, so that to your customers, it looks like you sent the email. However, some mailing companies have recently decided to stop delivering this type of email to their users. This is part of a plan to reduce the number of unsolicited emails. AOL and Yahoo have already done this and others are likely to follow suit. Therefore, to make sure your customers carry on receiving your invoice emails, we will shortly be changing the mechanism slightly. In future, the email will be sent by default with a boox.co.uk “From” address. This will be split into two parts. The display name will now be your company name rather than “Boox Accounting App”. The email address will be “noreply@messages.boox.co.uk” so that we are no longer impersonating your email address. The “ReplyTo” address is crucial as this is where replies from your customer will be directed, and what is displayed to them when they click the Reply button. How it will look In most cases the recipient of the email should notice very little difference. Simple actions like reading and replying to emails will not normally display the “boox.co.uk” email address. However certain mail clients will display this. (We have no control over this and it hasn’t been done to promote Boox in any way!) In a few limited cases, where a recipient is using a very old email client, or they manually reply to “noreply@messages.boox.co.uk”, then their reply won’t be sent to you, but to an unmonitored mailbox hosted by us. If this ever happens (and we don’t think it will very often), we will ping an auto reply to your customer asking them to resend their email to you. If you maintain your own domain, we will be looking to provide an option to continue to set your own “From” address, so long as you can maintain an SPF record allowing us to send mails on your behalf. Speak to us if this something you would like to discuss. (If this paragraph makes no sense to you, just stick to the default approach outlined above!) These changes are designed so that your Boox app carries on working as efficiently as possible. Otherwise it’s business as usual! We will start gradually rolling this change out from mid-July. If you have any questions on this or any other aspect of the app, please feel free to contact us.
As a contractor or freelancer, invoicing is one of the most important paperwork tasks you need to stay on top of. If you don't get those invoices out on time or with the correct information, then it can lead to delays in being paid and impact on the cash flow of your business. Our guide on how to tackle invoicing should ensure you can send clear and accurate bills to clients and receive prompt payment - allowing you to enjoy the rewards of a successful contractor business. (more…)