As dedicated contractor accountants, here at Boox it is our job to guide our clients through what can be a complex minefield of HMRC and contractor legislation, regulations and compliance. Staying abreast of ongoing legal changes and developments is a serious business, and we are committed to keeping you right. But for a bit of friday fun we have looked up some utterly bizarre British laws. Here we take a light-hearted look at some of the most obscure edicts still in force in the UK today.

Cease alegal-1143114_1280nd desist!

In Britain, it remains illegal to :
  • carry a plank along a pavement
  • be intoxicated in charge of a cow
  • gamble in a library
  • enter the Houses of Parliament in a suit of armour
  • remove a beached whale from anywhere on the British coast (as it is the property of the reigning monarch)
  • ride a London bus while knowingly having the plague
  • eat mince pies on Christmas Day (blame Oliver Cromwell for this one)
  • allow your pet to copulate with a pet from the royal household
  • beat or shake a carpet in the street (however you can beat a doormat if it is before 8am...that’s ok.)
  • handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances
  • keep a pigsty in front of your house (unless it is hidden)
  • put up a washing line across any street
  • jump the queue in the Tube ticket hall
  • eat Mute Swan (unless you are the Queen)
  • enter the hull of the Titanic without permission of the Secretary of State (Protection of Wrecks Order 2003)
  • allow a servant to stand on the sill of a window in order to clean or paint it
  • cause a nuclear explosion (quite sensible really).
Are you guilty of any of these? Seriously, while they probably have perfectly reasonable applications in history, you couldn’t make them up!

Leave it up to us

Flippancy aside though, the Boox team is always on hand to help you negotiate the myriad of legislation that contracting presents. From tax to VAT, from IR35 to claiming expenses, we provide support and advice on all the legalities that come with running your own business. Just please don’t hold us responsible if you find yourself apprehended for handling a salmon in suspicious circumstances... Talk to Boox