Having a business network is an important aspect of being self-employed, whether as a contractor, freelancer or if you run your own small business. Not only will having a strong personal network help you gain new business, but it will also provide support when it comes to those tasks or projects you need an extra helping hand with. If you're not particularly motivated about making contacts, set yourself a monthly or yearly target (i.e. to get X number of deals from new business contacts every month, or even a softer goal such as make six new contacts every month). This will help you keep focused on why you need a strong and varied network, and how beneficial it can be for your business. (more…)
Starting a business and becoming your own boss has always seemed a tempting prospect for many people, but in the last few years the idea of becoming self-employed has taken on a greater appeal than ever before. With the global recession denting confidence in the traditional job-for-life model and the rise of the internet putting an unprecedented number of business tools in the hands of entrepreneurs, there has been a rapid awakening to the benefits self-employment can bring. (more…)