By Jonathan London on 24th March 2016

The Best (and Most Expensive) Easter Eggs in the UK

In recent years, Easter has become less about its religious roots and more about chocolate eggs – that is, consuming as many as possible in a short space of time. Every year we regret the decision to cram chocolate in our faceholes until we feel like we resemble pregnant whales, but that doesn’t stop us from indulging in the same hedonistic ritual the following year.

But if you want to talk about real decadence, let’s look at some of the most expensive edible eggs available in the UK.




Faberge Easter Eggs

Hand made by Choccywoccydoodah, these Fabergé-style behemoths cost around £25,000 each and are made with a tooth-rotting 100kg of Belgian chocolate. The intricate designs are inspired by the gifts given to loved ones by the Russian Tsars. But where do you begin eating a piece of fine art? We’d start at the top…




Chocolate Beehive Sculpture

This is sort of an egg, but also not really an egg at all. Made from Valrhona chocolate (we don’t know what that is either), this limited edition treat for the eyes and the mouth was hand sculpted by a mother and daughter team for Fortnum and Mason. At £250, you’d probably end up living inside it with chocolate bees for landlords.




The Colossal Egg

Weighing in at a staggering 1.4kg, this is truly a confectionary Colossus. But all is not what it seems! It’s an egg within an egg within an egg – Eggception, if you will. Under its shell are five different-flavoured eggs: first, milk chocolate caramel, then chocolate orange, then chai, then rose and violet, and finally Mitcham Mint. It’s definitely more of an adventure for your tastebuds than your garden variety Dairy Milk egg, but at £90 you could take your tastebuds to Cadbury World and have enough left over for a cheeky Snickers on the way home.




Roberto Cavalli Triple Layer Chocolate Egg

This is a little more pocket friendly at….er, £79.95 from – you probably guessed it – Harrods. This Triple Layer Chocolate Easter Egg might not look the prettiest but it’s made by fashion house Roberto Cavalli from luxury dark chocolate with a hazelnut twist – fancy! It’s also presented in a wooden gift box, presumably to store all the pennies you’ll be counting after spending £80 on an Easter egg.




The Dark Ostrich Egg

If you’re not willing to stretch to £79.95 for a Roberto Cavalli egg, that’s fine, you have other options – like this cornucopia of delights from Hotel Chocolat for just £75! With those kinds of savings, you can’t afford not to buy it. Think of all the Creme Eggs you could buy with the £4.95 you’ll save…


If you don’t feel like remortgaging your house to pay for an Easter egg, that’s totally fine too. But if you do feel like you’re spending a fortune on decadent eggs, get in touch with our online accountants and we can help you out. (Failing that, we recommend giving your dentist a call.)

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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