By Jonathan London on 11th February 2015

Top gadgets for your home office

One of the beauties about having your own home office is the fact that you have the freedom to decorate it however you wish to do so – well, this isn’t strictly true as those who live with partners will probably be aware of.

Regardless, long gone are the days in which your view consists of a beige wall with a laminated fire safety poster, the world of office interiors is your oyster and aside from paying for a really cool print to hang above your desk and making sure your chair is top quality, adding some gadgets is a great way to really decorate your office.

We aren’t talking about the kind of gadgets that James Bond uses (although sometimes it may feel like a pen that doubles up as a laser would come in handy!), especially when your tax return is due.

Here are some ideas of what you can get to make your home office that little bit cooler.

Dyson Desk FanDesk fan

Let’s begin by literally making your room cooler. You can buy mini desk fans so easily nowadays and if you happen to come across one, we would advise you make the purchase.

They’re not expensive at all but you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth come summer, even with our typical British weather (remember the heat wave that struck a couple of years ago?)

Feeling too hot and uncomfortable can really affect your work, so make sure you have a desk fan to hand to make it that little bit more bearable.

Here’s a list of the top 10 fans courtesy of The Independent.

Newtons CradleNewton’s cradle

Named after Sir Isaac himself and designed to demonstrate momentum and energy, the Newton’s cradle is a more fun item to have in your office and it looks pretty good too!

Designed with a five-ball system, once you lift one of the spheres at either end and then let go, it falls to hit the others, sending the last one at the other end upwards and this motion then continues.

While the physics behind this may seem mind boggling, the Newton’s cradle has become an office feature since the 1960s and you can get your own from

Coffee machine

If there’s one thing that a freelancer is likely to admit once you get into the swing of working from home, it’s that you soon find yourself with a certain addiction to coffee.

Whether or not you like it with or without milk, or with a million sugars in it, sometimes it is hard to function without a morning brew, or a 10am brew, or a midday brew…you get the picture.

Electrolux Memory Coffee MachineSometimes it can be all too distracting to go through to the kitchen for your cup of Joe. Flicking through daytime television while you wait for the kettle to boil can sometimes be too tempting and half an hour later you realise that you haven’t done any work, but you are more than aware of who stole Granny’s purse on Jeremy Kyle.

Damage limitation is what you need to be thinking about here (although perhaps not this one shown here!), so why not invest in a coffee machine for your office? You can buy them from most electrical and department stores, and while some of them can be quite pricey, if you aren’t too fussed you can pick up a bargain for around £50.

Simply fill it with water first thing in the morning and then you won’t need to go to the kitchen until lunchtime. Unless you take milk with yours and in that case you should probably think about investing in a mini fridge for your office too. However, if it would seem out of place then maybe bring a small jug of milk in with you in the morning and top up at lunch.

Desktop Henry Vacuum CleanerDesktop Henry vacuum cleaner

This one is a bit of a fun one, but there is nothing worse than a dirty or grubby desk! In the case of an emergency where you have managed to get biscuit crumbs all over your desk, look no further than the iconic Henry vacuum cleaner to help!

A small, desk sized version, while we can’t guarantee you the power of a full-sized vacuum cleaner, it does look fun on your desk and can be purchased from for a very reasonable price.

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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