By Lynne Gowers on 25th March 2015

Top procrastination websites for freelancers

Sometimes we have a particular part of our job that we just don’t enjoy and we do everything we can to avoid just doing it. Freelancers and self-employed workers probably struggle the most with such tasks, largely because they are their own boss and therefore it makes it easier to avoid those tedious or hard jobs.

One way to tackle the issue is to give in – spend some time procrastinating and get it out of your system, then you can start with a clear mind on your work. So what are the top websites to enjoy a spot of relaxation and downtime?


If you love a bit of celebrity gossip or keeping up with the latest happenings, then BuzzFeed is a great way to waste a few hours. Founded in 2006, the social media news agency website covers a whole host of topics ranging from politics, business and showbiz. One of its highlights is its extensive list content and its exclusive videos.


In a similar vein to BuzzFeed is Reddit. The site allows registered members to submit direct links or texts links to different content from around the net. Users can then vote up or down on the posts to determine their ranking on the site. The content is pretty varied and there is bound to be something to amuse or horrify you.


Another option is YouTube, which is one of the most popular websites on the internet at the moment. As well as funny cat videos, the media site has lots of other content that could be relevant for freelancers. There are a number of vlogs from popular bloggers, while many television networks are increasingly using YouTube to showcase new talent and allow people to catch-up on their favourite shows.

Enjoy some online shopping therapy with sites such as Amazon. Once just an online bookshop, the site now sells a comprehensive range of goods. People who sign up to their Prime service can enjoy free next day delivery, as well as free online video content of popular television series.

Fashion fans may want to check out ASOS, which sells clothing items inspired by celebrities’ outfits.  The site also has an impressive vintage section for those looking to purchase something a bit more unique for that special occasion.


If you are looking for inspiration then Pinterest is the place to start. The website is essentially a series of virtual notice boards for people to store links to key websites or blog posts.  It can be useful to keep your ideas in one place, but you can also follow the boards of people who may have similar tastes or interests. Depending on your sector of work, Pinterest can also be used as a good way of connecting with current and potential clients.


If you are feeling stressed then you need to check out – a website that plays relaxing music and tells you off if you touch your keyboard or mouse in that time. It may be the ideal way to factor in a bit of relaxation or mediation into your day.


Finally, check out Miniclip for a bit of light relief. You can chose from a whole host of online and mobile games and if you register you can even try to beat your friends. For freelancers who work remotely, it can be a good way to maintain some form of social interaction.

Written by Lynne Gowers
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