By Jonathan London on 19th August 2015

UK businesses ‘to increase demand for temp workers’

Businesses across the UK are becoming more keen than ever to take on new staff, a trend that will create new opportunities for contractors in the coming months.

The latest JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has revealed that 98 per cent of employers intend to maintain or increase their use of temporary workers in the next quarter, with overall demand for staff continuing to rise.

It was shown that 79 per cent cited the need to gain short-term access to key strategic skills as the reason for this move, with employers now considering this to be the main reason to turn to freelancers and agency workers.

This is because 95 per cent of businesses say they currently have little or no spare capacity to accommodate any form of increase in demand, indicating that many firms are in a position where they have to hire if they want to continue to grow.

Additionally, the report offered evidence that contractors who are able to fill this demand will be well-rewarded, with 40 per cent of private companies and 20 per cent of public businesses having provided pay increases over the last year.

With the data indicating that 86 per cent of firms are also set to increase their permanent headcounts in the next three months, it is clear that businesses recognise the strong link between talent availability and growth potential.

Kevin Green, chief executive of the REC, said: “Our data tells us that the vast majority of the businesses we surveyed are operating at close to full capacity. However, a continued lack of workers with the appropriate skills means that temporary staff are increasingly needed to fill areas of skills shortage.

“With capacity tight and employers already aware of candidate shortages, it’s clear that competition for top talent will be stiff.”

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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