By Jonathan London on 30th December 2014

How to prepare for the New Year as a freelancer

The New Year is upon us; the time to get rid of the old and welcome the new and while you may be making a list of resolutions to change your personal life, you might also want to shine a light on your professional world as well.

The start of 2015 could be the perfect time to revitalise your business as a contractor and ensure you’re in tip top shape for the following 12 months. After all, in a highly competitive market you need to be able to prove you’re ahead of the game.

So what can you do to prepare for the New Year? Here are a few tips.

1.Do the big clear out

Over the course of the year we accumulate a lot of unnecessary work-based rubbish that clutters up our desks, computers and filing cabinets. From crisp packets and dated ‘to do’ lists, to defunct images and documents on our laptops, there are lots of things we could do to get rid of to ensure our work spaces are ready for business come 2015.

Take a morning to clearing out your office and re-organising everything. Once the space is ship shape, you’ll feel in much more of a work mood.

You should then go through your computer files and get rid of any clutter. Update software where necessary so it runs as well as possible.

2. Update your skills

The start of a new year is a salient reminder that time moves on and with it what’s relevant in the professional world. What wowed businesses in years gone by may now be dated so 2015 is a great time update your skills. From conferences and training, to self-learning, there are plenty of things you can do over the next twelve months to enhance your CV and make yourself more attractive to organisations.

Start by doing some research about the sorts of things your prospective employers will want and think about where you can add value. Give yourself a skills audit and identify key areas where you can improve and learn.

3. Try to make life easier

Whether you need to better organise your time or find a more efficient way of tracking your work, there are always ways our lives could be easier. To ensure you’re optimising your performance, find solutions to make your life easier. This might be apps to schedule your time or help you collaborate, or simply a more comfortable office chair. Now is the ideal moment to lay the foundations for a successful year.

4. Update your online presence

With procurement and recruitment now largely happening online, your presence on social media or websites is crucial.

As the new year starts, spend some time improving your social profiles and updating your skills. If you want to really stand out, contribute to discussions in your field too. This shows you’re on the ball and engaged with your industry.

5. Go get clients

The first quarter of the year is a brilliant time to create new leads and secure clients. While it might be cold outside, now is not the moment to sit idle. Go to networking events and see who you find. Meet the buyer sessions can also be a great way to get your name on the radar.

If you have a set of dream clients, write them down and be sure to check their opportunities regularly. If you’re proactive you never know what you could get.

What else are you planning to do to make sure you start 2015 with a bang?

Jonathan London Written by Jonathan London

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