Dividend Tax Calculator

Use our Dividend Tax Calculator to work out what your dividend and tax obligations are for the current tax year,
and compare them to next year’s.

To find out more about the Dividend Tax Changes and how they might impact your business, check out our blog post, or contact us for more information.

Dividend income: £


Total income tax due


NIC's due


Personal tax due on dividends


Take home pay


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This is an illustration only and should not be used for any official purposes. These calculations are based on the pay rate, hours & expenses and flat rate VAT percentage provided by you at the selected year's tax rates, and ignores any other income. The dividend income is the maximum available amount to distribute to you, after all Taxes & NI, and these figures include deductions for Boox accounting fees at £79+VAT per month. The dividend tax due is the amount due personally on dividends. Take home pay is shown after deducting the personal dividend tax due.